Friday, February 25, 2011

K-State Rag Quilt

I did make a few Christmas gifts this year but I never got around to blogging about them. One of my favorites was this rag quilt made for my brother! He is a Kansas State Wildcats fan. I knew I wanted to make him something handmade but I couldn't figure out what to do.

So I decided on the quilt! What is better than a nice quilt to keep you nice and warm.
This quilt is made out of 9 inch squares. It is all flannel. The K-state print is from Walmart and the rest are from Joanns. Three yards for the front and 3 yards for the back! When I make a rag quilt with this large of squares, I always try to quilt them with an X before sewing them together, but on this one I wanted to get more creative!
I know quilters use paper to paper piece string quilts and if you can use it for that why not use it to quilt and image on to my squares. So after tracing 32 footballs and basketballs, I got to sewing! Pin your paper on top of your square on sew on the outline. I used a small tight stich! When you are done your paper will be be easy to tear away!
I have also been working on getting the frayed area fluffier! When washing it for the first 2 times, I use a high aggitation. When it is done washing, I take it outside and shake it! Make sure you do this outside, or it will look like it snowed in your house. Then wash and repeat. Toss in the dryer and checkout how soft and cuddly it turns out!

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