Thursday, January 12, 2012

Oh How Time Goes By

It is amazing how fast time goes by between posts! I promise it won't happen again! There have been so many changes in our life since the last post! I was without my sewing machine for about 4 months and now that I have it back I have been taking care of mending and other random projects that my husband needed me to take care of! Now, with most of that out of the way, I have reopened the shop! IMG_2318 There are a few cute loyalty card wallets and an envelope clutch listed! Hopefully it will not take me very long to get more items listed! IMG_2231 I had 3 sets of hand warmers, but they disappeared pretty quick! If there is any interest in these I will whip up a few more! scrappy handwarmers Check back often to see what new items are going into the shop! You won't be sorry!