Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Retirement Gift

I absolutly love making gifts for my family. I love the surprise on their face when they open them, and the fact that I know them so well, and I am able to make something that they will truely love!

My mom retired this year. She has been a teacher and an principal in the same school district for the past 33 years. She will still be working there next year, but felt this was the year to retire. Knowing that she was going to continue teaching, I decided to make her a few items that would look great in her classroom.

I found this really great print on PINTEREST. Love that place! This is the blog to go to get this print! After I got it printed I went and bought a frame and spray painted the wood! It came out so great and I wish I was teacher just so I could hang it on my wall!

The next gift I made was a small quilt. I purchased a bag of scraps from this shop. I never thought it would have so many pretty prints. I also used some Kona White. This was a very simple quilt to make. I sewed all the randomly sized strips in to one tall stack. Cut it at random widths. Sew a piece of your white fabric in and keep going! The backing is from this shop! This is the first time that I have done rounded corners. So easy! I haven't figured out how to do the binding on square corners yet. I also machine stiched the binding and was very happy with how it came out!

My mom loves her gift and can't wait to put it up in her new classroom! I am so happy that she likes it!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Binder Purse

Sounds different, right? Thats what I thought too! I had a customer ask me to make her one, so that she could use it when she was doing the extreme coupon thing!
So what is it really? A binder cover with purse straps so you can easily carry it! It has velcro tabs on the side to keep it from opening, and to keep all your items from falling out. Add a few pockets and it is extremely useful!
Are they fun to make? Somewhat! I love picking out the fabrics and customizing them to the customers needs. Do they take a while? Um...Yeah!
I made a tester one, just to get all the kinks out! I am keeping it for my self. I have all of my pdf patterns in it, notebook paper for making lists, and paper for doodleing!
I really love the inside of the front cover. It has 3 velcro pockets. Just to make sure nothing falls out! The back inside cover, has a pocket for paper and 3 pen slot pocket. There is one pocket on the outside and it comes in pretty handy too.
This order also had a custom pencil pouch added to it! This was the relaxing part of the sewing. I love how it came out. I used this tutorial for the measurments. I also added a detachable wrist strap!
I am thinking about making a pattern to sell from this design. I need to make a few more so I can get all the measuremnts and pattern peices ready. In the mean time and for practice I am going to be doing a tutorial on the blog for a Jewelry Roll! That will be in about 2 weeks! I have never done a tutorial before, so if anyone has any tips, I would love to hear them!
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I really need to get posting! Sorry for the lack of posts, but I do have a sale going on that I would like to share with you.

We will be leaving in about a week and will be gone for 8 weeks. I really don't want to close my ETSY shop or deactivate the listings, it would be lots better if it was just empty. So to get it there, I have decided to have a 40% off sale!

Use coupon code VACATION.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Shop Update and Coupon

I updated the shop today with a few new things! There are 2 new purses, 2 reusable grocery totes, 2 Crayon totes, an ACU wristlet, and a Cupcake Ruffle apron! There are also lots of other goodies!

Use the coupon code SPRINGCLEAN to save 20%.

Here is a picture of one of the newest patterns I have bought recentely!
Keyka Lou Reusable Grocery Bag

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Simplicity Pattern 3802

I recently made a new apron for my daughter Jolie! She will be 4 in May and she loves to help me cook and she loves to paint. Her old apron was getting a bit small for her. I think I made it when she turned 2.
I decided to use Simplicity Pattern 3802 View D. I made the size 5 and it required 7/8 yard of fabric and 2 packages of double fold bias tape.
I have one problem when it comes to sewing. I am really bad at reading the instructions on patterns. However, with this one, I read as I was sewing and when something didn't seem right, I kept telling myself, it will turn out right. And it did! I think it came out pretty cute and it turned out very professional.
I am getting so much better at working with bias tape. It used to scare me but now I get pretty excited about it. It makes everything look so much better. I love that it makes the little pockets stand out!
I would say this pattern is for a experienced beginner. It may be slighty difficult for them, but they will not be afraid of bais tape when they are done!

Round Satchel Pattern Review

A few months ago I won a giveaway on the Sew Sweetness Blog and the giveaway was 3 patterns designed by Ali Foster. If you have never heard of her patterns go here and take a look.

Yesterday I made the Round Satchel Purse. I was a bit nervous about making this one, but it is so different from the purses that are in stores now, so I just had to try it.

I will honestly tell you that after getting the pattern pieces cut, I really didn't use the pattern. It is a pretty simple straight forward purse. I used a fusible interfacing and cotton fabric for the exterior layer, and I used fusible fleece and cotton for the lining. I like having the extra structure with the purse. I want my purse to be able to stand on its own and protect what is inside. There is one pocket on the inside. It measures 5 inches by 7 inches. I like that it is larger. The strap is 2 inches wide!

Are you nervous about the curves? Don't be! Just pin the heck out of it. curves can be scary at first, but just remember you can always use your seam ripper to take out the stiches. I do have to say, that I was lucky and didn't have any problems on the curves. I feel like I have improved so much on my sewing in the last few months!

Take it slow on this pattern if you are a beginner! If you are more experienced at sewing a purse, it shouldn't be much of a problem. It took me about 3 hours to finish this project!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sis Boom Jamie Dress Sew Along

I am sewing along with this one and I am very excited about it!

Go here to get all the information! If you let her know that you want to sew along, you will get a discount on your pattern. There is still time to get in on the action! We won't start sewing until after the first of April! There are prizes involved!

Go check out all the information on the Sew Sweetness blog!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Recent Sewing

Haha! Lame title! I have a hard time with titles when I am posting about multiple items!
I have been working on several different items lately! I want to start on my favorite of all of them! This is the new Ruffle Pocket Tote. It is a spin off of the 4 Pocket tote that I make. The ruffle adds a bit more character and on the back there is a Pleated Pocket. I am still not sure if I love the pleated pocket on the back, but without it, I think it would be pretty plain.

I love this fabric too! The purple and black prints are from Hobby Lobby. I have heard some people aren't to crazy about their fabrics, but I really love them. I have never had any problems with the quality, and I love the prints and colors that they use. The aqua argyle is from Connecting Threads. It was around $2.60 a yard on clearance. I bought all the different colors in this print, plus a extra yard. I really love their site and catalog. All of their fabrics are made from 100% US cotton. It is a brushed cotton...Not to sure what that means, but It has a nice feel to it. Not to light, feels alot like Kona cottons.

I recently made this Dale Earnhardt Jr tote too! Same shape of bag, just with out all the frilly extras! We are a Nascar household. My husband and I both cheer for Jr when we have a chance to watch! I really love how the checekered flag print makes this purse pop!

Next on the list is a Reversible Slip Dress. This one is made out of the Tutti Fruitti fabrics from Joanns. The strawberry shortcake fabric is the same feel as the TF but not sure where it came from! This dress has a super light summer feel to it, even with the 2 layers. This was made using the Popover dress pattern from Oliver + S, but made reversible!

Then there is this cute little rag quilt! I had made it for the shop, but when I found out my cousin had just had a baby, it went to them! Of course I also decided to make a cute little Tag blanket to go along with it! The fabric is from Joanns. It was a set of flannel recieving blankets. The backing was snuggle flannel that was on sale!

I think that just about covers my sewing as of late! I am linking up to Amy Lou Who's Sew and Tell! I really love this linky party! Only every so ofter, so those who follow always check back to see when it is! Not to big...not to little! It is the perfect linky!

I am also linking up to SEW MODERN MONDAYS! This is the first time linking up. I love checking out all the creations there on Mondays!
{Sew} Modern Monday at Canoe Ridge Creations

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Late Birthday Present

Here at my house birthdays go recognized, maybe not on their exact date, but I will be sending presents. That is what happened with my Mom's birthday. I had ideas in my head for what to make her, but just didn't get around to making anything! We went to Florida at the beginning of March and I was able to make a trip to Hobby Lobby. I found the perfect fabric for my mom there!

This bag is so georgeous! I am completely in love with it! Will I keep it for myself? Nope, I know my mom will get so much more use out of it! If I make anything for myself it will need to be a bit bigger!

This bag is a basic box style tote with some added extras. There are 2 pockets on the front with a cute white ruffle. On the back is a pleated pocket for your phone or keys. On the inside there are 3 slip pockets and a key FOB!

I love the ruffled pockets! They make me smile! I was kind of unsure about the pleated pocket but decided to keep it after I saw it all together! Had I taken it off, I would have make a heart out of the white fabric and had the letter V monogramed on to it and sewed it on instead!

I still have more of this fabric and I am pretty excited about using it! There are so many beautiful things I could make with it!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

To celebrate go shopping! Use coupon code STPATS2011 to save 25% in my ETSY shop! ONE DAY ONLY! New purses were listed last night!

Friday, February 25, 2011

K-State Rag Quilt

I did make a few Christmas gifts this year but I never got around to blogging about them. One of my favorites was this rag quilt made for my brother! He is a Kansas State Wildcats fan. I knew I wanted to make him something handmade but I couldn't figure out what to do.

So I decided on the quilt! What is better than a nice quilt to keep you nice and warm.
This quilt is made out of 9 inch squares. It is all flannel. The K-state print is from Walmart and the rest are from Joanns. Three yards for the front and 3 yards for the back! When I make a rag quilt with this large of squares, I always try to quilt them with an X before sewing them together, but on this one I wanted to get more creative!
I know quilters use paper to paper piece string quilts and if you can use it for that why not use it to quilt and image on to my squares. So after tracing 32 footballs and basketballs, I got to sewing! Pin your paper on top of your square on sew on the outline. I used a small tight stich! When you are done your paper will be be easy to tear away!
I have also been working on getting the frayed area fluffier! When washing it for the first 2 times, I use a high aggitation. When it is done washing, I take it outside and shake it! Make sure you do this outside, or it will look like it snowed in your house. Then wash and repeat. Toss in the dryer and checkout how soft and cuddly it turns out!

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Monday, February 21, 2011

My First Pillow cover!

So after seeing all the pretty pillows out in blog land, I decided to give it a try! The other day while thrifting I found a new 14 inch pillow form. I have 2 new 20 inch pillow forms from Ikea too. Start small is what I figured.
I also gave string blocks a try. I used the paper backing method on 5 inch squares. All the strings are one inch wide and just random colors from my scraps, avoiding pink!
Over all I love it, not to sure what my husband thinks but I know my little guy loves it and my little girl too!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Thrifting!

Today was the first time that I have ever bought anything at a Thrift store! I have been into them before, but most of the time I end up gagging due to their nasty smell, or just don't find anything to my liking!

I ended up spending about $20 today. My favorite find was a vintage Fisher Price Barn! It was in a bag that was stapled closed, but there were some toys inside of it. So I took a chance after checking it over. It was $5.95. After getting it home and checking it out, it is in really nice shape. It still Moos when you open the barn door. It contained a horse, a black pig, two tractors, and a trailer for the tractor! I am pretty happy with this buy!
I also ended up coming home with a pack of 9 sewing patterns. This was the same way, all seeled up in a bag with a price tag on it! I had hope from looking at the one on top and the one on bottom! They were all womens patterns. I believe 3 or 4 of them are for knit fabrics. The picture of 3 contains the ones I like the best! Nine patterns for $1.95, not to bad!

I also bought a 14 inch pillow form for $2.95. It was brand new and unopened! A pack of toy pinwheels for my daughter, who almost had a fit about them! They were $.99. I also got a dress. It is marked size small. I personally think it is on the extra small side. It fits ok, but I wish there was more volume in the skirt! It was $7.95.

Does anyone out there have any tips on thrift store shopping? I asked a few ladies in the store if they were ever special sales, but all they said was that it was a bit cheaper on Saturdays. I also thought the prices were a bit high. There were a few books that I was going to get but they wanted $4.95 for a used novel. We also saw 3 used sewing machines. A Kenmore for sears, a 80's Singer, and a Morse brand one. Morse was the only one that I had never heard of! After this trip, I think I will go to a few more local shops, but I really don't have that high of hopes.