Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Retirement Gift

I absolutly love making gifts for my family. I love the surprise on their face when they open them, and the fact that I know them so well, and I am able to make something that they will truely love!

My mom retired this year. She has been a teacher and an principal in the same school district for the past 33 years. She will still be working there next year, but felt this was the year to retire. Knowing that she was going to continue teaching, I decided to make her a few items that would look great in her classroom.

I found this really great print on PINTEREST. Love that place! This is the blog to go to get this print! After I got it printed I went and bought a frame and spray painted the wood! It came out so great and I wish I was teacher just so I could hang it on my wall!

The next gift I made was a small quilt. I purchased a bag of scraps from this shop. I never thought it would have so many pretty prints. I also used some Kona White. This was a very simple quilt to make. I sewed all the randomly sized strips in to one tall stack. Cut it at random widths. Sew a piece of your white fabric in and keep going! The backing is from this shop! This is the first time that I have done rounded corners. So easy! I haven't figured out how to do the binding on square corners yet. I also machine stiched the binding and was very happy with how it came out!

My mom loves her gift and can't wait to put it up in her new classroom! I am so happy that she likes it!

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  1. Such a great gift for a teacher!
    -Jessica & Holly