Thursday, March 31, 2011

Simplicity Pattern 3802

I recently made a new apron for my daughter Jolie! She will be 4 in May and she loves to help me cook and she loves to paint. Her old apron was getting a bit small for her. I think I made it when she turned 2.
I decided to use Simplicity Pattern 3802 View D. I made the size 5 and it required 7/8 yard of fabric and 2 packages of double fold bias tape.
I have one problem when it comes to sewing. I am really bad at reading the instructions on patterns. However, with this one, I read as I was sewing and when something didn't seem right, I kept telling myself, it will turn out right. And it did! I think it came out pretty cute and it turned out very professional.
I am getting so much better at working with bias tape. It used to scare me but now I get pretty excited about it. It makes everything look so much better. I love that it makes the little pockets stand out!
I would say this pattern is for a experienced beginner. It may be slighty difficult for them, but they will not be afraid of bais tape when they are done!

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  1. Very sweet apron. I'll bet your daughter loves those cupcakes! Thank you for your kind comment on my blog.