Friday, April 5, 2013

John Deere Custom Orders

I have been extremely busy sewing up diaper bags! One is a suprise baby shower gift, so I will have to save the pictures till next week. I sewed up two coordinating diaper bags this week also.

The customer supplied her fabric. Denim and John Deere. These came out extremely cute, however I was worried about my little ol' sewing machine during the process.


I like to make my diaper bags extremely sturdy. So there are a few layers of stablizers added in, but when you add in the denim it makes for a tricky combination.


The first bag is a messenger style diaper bag, with ribbon accents. This bag has a total of 7 pockets. Three on the outside and four on the inside. This will hopefully help the parents stay nice and organized.


The second is a basic diaper bag. It closes with a ribbon tie and has 6 pockets. Two pockets on the outside and four on the inside. You can never have to many pockets.


Diaper bags need to be made to last, so I recommend adding fusible fleece and decor-bond fusible interfacing if you are sewing your own. I also recommend starting with a new needle and making it a denim needle. This will make sewing through the extra layers a bit easier and alot less stressful.


Interested in ordering a custom diaper bag? Contact me by emailing Custom Diaper bag orders start at $55.


  1. Your diaper bag is really cute and fun with the tractor! Nice finish.