Friday, August 7, 2009

My Favorite

This blog is all about my favorite bag! It is my ACU Pleat Bag! I made it about a month ago! I am an Army Wife and I just love to see spouse carry around their support for their husband! One of my favorite parts about this bag is the yellow bow! It is completely removable! It is a french barrette that fits right on the strap! You can take it or leave it or wear it in your hair! I also love the pleats on the front! They just add a cute little gathering puffy look! The bag also had 2 Velcro fuzzy tapes! This is so that you can attach your family members name tape! I like to do the name tape on one side and the army tape on the other side!
The bag closes with a magnetic snap! I love this snaps! They are so easy to add to the bag as you are putting it together! The lining is so pretty! Yellow means support, so support your family and support your country!

This bag is for sale in my Etsy shop right now! It is only $32 and that even includes the bow! Shipping is only $3! If you are interested in looking at more pictures go to !


  1. I just wanted to see how this worked!

  2. Really like that purse style!!!! VERY CUTE!!!