Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Envelope Clutch

So this story starts out on PINTEREST!

Do you ever pin one of those pins that leads to NO WHERE? Yep..thats what happened! I really wanted to purchase this extremely cute clutch, but could not find where to purchase it.

Source: via Teresa on Pinterest

Well thank goodness I can sew and can draft my own patterns! Here is what I came up with!



Then I got to thinking about where I would ever carry this. Not a clue! So it is in the shop!

I have decided to write a pattern for this! It is a very simple clutch to make and I need some pattern writing practice if I am ever going to get the pattern done for the binder bag!

So, here are the envelope clutches that I have made so far!






So many options! They are all in the SHOP!

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