Monday, June 25, 2012

Salsa Review---Ball Fiesta Salsa Mix

Last summer I bought the Ball Canning Discovery kit. It came with a salsa mix packet in with it, however I am not sure if this kit still does! The package is labeled as Ball Fiesta Salsa Mix. It is supposed to make 2 pint size jars of salsa.


The ingredients inside the packet are dehydrated green bell pepper,salt, dehydrated onion,dehydrated garlic, spices, sugar, suflower oil, and jalopeno pepper powder. I was very happy that I could pronouce all of these ingreidents. All you have to supply is 2lbs fresh tomatoes, 3tbs vinegar, and 2 pint jars with lids and flats. I suggest that you have 3 ready. I was happy that I did, I ended up with 3 full jars.


I used the same method for peeling my tomatoes as I did in my previous salsa post. However, I used beef steak tomatoes this time. This packet is compatible with canned tomatoes too! It says on the back that if you do not have fresh tomatoes to buy 3 cans of petite diced tomatoes. So if you want this process to go even quicker, just do that!


I used my handy little food processor again this time! Doing this makes the chopping go much quicker. I wanted to make sure you saw what the contents of the packet looked like. So that is what is in the pot in the picture. You bring all this to a boil, let simmer five minutes, and then you are ready for the jar. I spotted a few larger chunks of tomatoe in my pot, so I decided to use the submersion blender. This will give me a very fine chopped salsa, close to the consistincy that you would get in most mexican resturants.


On to the jarring. This is routine with most salsa recipes. Ladle in to your jars, leaving 1/2 inch of space between salsa and top of the lid. I used my canning basket this time. It holds 3 pint cars very nicely and works inplace of the canning rack. You will process this in your boiling water bath for 35 minutes. This seemed incredibly long to me but you really didn't have the mixture cooking for that long, so I guess this completes the cooking too. Pull out and cool to room temp. The package also if you want to enjoy it right away cool your mixture to room temp. before adding it to your jars. Ladle in and refridgerate.


My verdict on this is that it tastes much like what you find in the resturant. I am going to use this in place of the thick and chunky salsa that I would typically by at the store for a few of my recipes.

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