Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stacked Coins Tag Quilt

This item was a custom order for my mom! She is going to a babyshower at the end of October, and she wanted something cute. She told me she wanted a tag blanket and that it was for a girl.

I had some moda charm squares that were used on another project, and had about half of the charm pack left. I believe the line is called Happy Girl. Very cute and very bright colors in this line! I had been thinking about making pinwheels but then decided to go even easier then that! STACKED COINS! LOVE THEM!

The white is a twin sized sheet from Wal-Mart that I have been using for other projects. The back is flannel that I have from last Christmas! I used batting in the center to give it some thickness! The ribbons go with the color of block they are next too! Everything from this project is leftovers from another! I did some basic straigh/curvey line quilting on it! Curvey line is one of the settings on my machine! I made it wider and with wider stiches. Is it considered a quilt if there is no binding? I sewed it right sides together and left a hole for turning so that the ribbon were tacked down a few times.

I love how fast this came togther and how cute it turned out! I really hope the Mom and baby love this little quilt.

I am linking up over at AMYLOUWHO. I love this link up!


  1. what an awesomely cute quilt and thanks for sharing it with us! love the colors and the tabs on the ends!

  2. leftovers make the best little quilts! Yours is wonderful! What a great gift.

  3. this is such a great baby gift idea....

  4. Beautiful and the tabs on the ends are cute.

  5. This lovie is so cute! Happy little ribbons!

  6. That is adorable! I love the colors and how you made a quilt into a tag blanket. So clever! I am new to amylouwho's site and her "Sew & Tell Fridays" and I'm so glad that I found her site and your's as well! :-)

  7. This is such a great little project! I just love all the new 'taggie" stuff for babies. Thanks for sharing - it will definitely be one I copy.