Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baby Projects!

With the baby arriving at the beginning of March, I have been very busy making all sorts of baby items!

One of the first items I made was a quilt for Our baby! It came out really cute. A little background info first! My husband was born and raised in the south. He is always wearing a shirt that says something about the south. He has also been in the army for almost 10 years. The quilt is composed of 9 squares. Four of the squares are made out of his old army uniforms. All I did was cut the back away and used random sized strips. It is made out of ACUs, BDUs, and DCUs. The other 5 squares are from my husband's t-shirt stash. I think it came out to be a good size. At first I think it will just be something for the baby to lay on while we play!

The second item was a baby rag quilt! I had gone to TARGET over Christmas time and was wondering around the baby section. They had several different receiving blankets on clearance. I picked out a cute 3 pack and knew right away that I was going to use them for a rag quilt! The blankets were each a 1 yard square. So the blanket is composed of 6 yards of fabric. The top is the receiving blankets and the back is just a brown flannel. I used 99, 6 inch squares.

The third thing I made is the Wee Wee Wigwam from Make it and love it! I will post a link at the bottom of the page! These are super cute and super easy. They went together in about 3 minutes for each one! I used the left over squares I had from the rag quilt!

The next items weren't for me to keep but for my brother to give as a gift to one of his friends who just recently had a baby. He wanted a few bibs and burpcloths. He really thought that I should make one pair in Camouflage and the others really didn't matter. Just boy prints. And we also made a tag blanket and it came out really cute too!

I have made even more baby stuff but that will have to be in a different post. We are in the middle of getting ready to move and I still need to finish the rest of our baby bedding. It is camoflauge, with touches of orange! Very boyish! I still have the bumper pad to go and a pad for the back of my glider.


  1. those are all so adorable! I love the ribbon blanket fabric the animals are adorable.

  2. Don't you love sewing for a baby! I sewed for all of ours! Really cute!

  3. all great stuff. I love making all the little baby stuff b/c I like stuff I can finish in one naptime :) Great idea w/ the rag quilt from receiving blankets. My first 2 quilts were made from my daughters old receiving blankets! Waste not, want not :) Love your background too :)